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Fur vest – YES PLEASE! you typed ‘fur vest’ and I am giving you the answer.

Hey! I am Lady fur the only influencer in the world specialised in the fur sector. There are the ones who hate me and others who love me. Check out my about sections to know more.

If you are looking for fur vests, well, you are in the right place. Here you will find:

  • The selection of the best real fur vests made by me and my team, on the most influential online shops in the fashion world.
  • Clicking on the image of the products you’ll be redirected to the online shop.
  • Mood-boards with images from the past, present and inspirational images.
  • Research about fur vests from the past until today.

fur vest lady fur

In this picture, I, Lady Fur, am relaxing after a day of runway shows, in the room of a Hotel in Shanghai wrapped up in a beautiful real chinchilla fur vest (Shanghai Fashion Week 2015). I structured the post in relation to all the questions that you guys have sent me to my mail and the ones asked by my followers.

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fur vest selection lady fur

This awesome pink fur is from Giorgio Magnani an Italian top fur brand. On their website they have gorgeous pieces, take a look.

Let’s start 🙂

Fur vests made in real fur

Buy fur in a responsible way, but buy furs that are certificated by the most important Auction Houses, such as Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur, etc. To know more about this, check out my previous post dedicated to the fur world. Here below you will find a selection of the most beautiful real fur vests

Clicking on the images you will be redirected to the online shop. I hope you like the selection.

fur vest products

Ecological fur vest / synthetic fur vests equals pollution

Ecological fur vests, honestly, have nothing environmentally friendly, they are highly polluting.

A recent conversation with my sister.

My sister: Ciao sister! How are you? Today I bought a pink eco-friendly fur vest! Want to see it?

Lady Fur: Ciao amore! by ‘’eco’’ do you mean economical?

My sister: No amore, I mean ecological!

Lady Fur: No, there is nothing ecological about it, it’s made out of polyester a highly polluting material, it’s not disposable, etc. I have told you this a billion times…why don’t you EVER listen. ufffaaa!!

My sister: Okay, sorry you are right. The thing is it cost little and I love pink! Is it better if I call it synthetic?

Lady Fur: no way, buy a real fur that actually has a value. It lasts in time, its soft, warm and above all ecological.

There is a great difference between a real fur and a faux fur. I made a post where I explain this difference in detail. Faux fur vests are dreadful. I find them extremely cheap. I would never wear faux fur, better to go naked than wear that. Here below you’ll find a selection of faux fur vests from my favorite online shops. I repeat I would NEVER buy them.  Already from the pictures you can see the difference in the hair. Not even photoshop is able to make them seem soft and shiny like real fur. The hair from faux fur never shines nor is soft

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Fur vests from Zara

Zara has made some beautiful fur vests, in real fur. Also many in faux fur. I typed ‘Zara fur vests’ on google, but I couldn’t find them. I went on their online shop, they aren’t there. What I recommend is to go to the shop, there you will find them for sure, if not call their customer centre. I often call to know if they have my size of the product I’m interested to buy, so no time is wasted. I hate it when you arrive to a shop and you can’t buy what you wanted because they don’ have your size.

Fur vest with hood

The fur hooded vest is one of my favourite garments from the Russian market. If Russians buy a vest it will be a fur vest with a hood. Also Arabs. On the other hand, those who go crazy about fur hooded vests are American rappers, they also love the coloured ones. Artists like Kanye West, 50 Cent, Eminem, etc.

If you googled ‘Fur vest with hood’ it means that you are looking exactly for this, I have made especially for you a selection on a few online shops. Let me know if you like them. If you need any further advice, please write.

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Fur vest girl

How cute are girls in fur vests? If you are looking for fur vest girl, below a selection of the best fur vests for babies. Hope you like it.

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Fur vests in fox fur

And here I could write a book. I don’t know if you know, but as I have written in my about – you can also check out my LinkedIn – I made a workshop dedicated to fox fur at Saga Furs, the Finnish auction house located in Helsinki. Saga Furs is the most important auction house for fox furs.

Here goes a question for you. Which is the real colour of fox fur? How many natural colours are there?

Also, I made a workshop at a fashion school. They called me to talk about the fur world to the fashion design students. When I asked that question, the most common answers were: red, black, white.

Only three colours! Well, the colour variations are immense, here below you can see them.

And here it is, the fox fur typology from Saga Furs. How many astonishing colours!!!!

In these last years, every time I have entered a store, I have found a fur vest made out of coloured fox fur. Pink, electric blue, yellow, blue, orange. Fashion designers tend to dye fox furs. I love the natural colours. Even if we are talking about fur vests. Many of my friends buy fur vests in natural colour or dyed for everyday usage. At the moment I am in a phase where colourful is a no, no. I love natural colours and even more designers who know how to combine and value them.

Fur vests in fox fur :  the gallery with the best fur vests found on online shops.

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Fur vests in rabbit fur

Fur vests in rabbit fur, maybe are the ones that sell most. The reasons are:

1. The first reason is that this kind of fur costs less.

2. The second reason is that the leather skin is really resistant throughout the years, so it’s easy to dye and to print on. So many leopard printed vests are printed on rabbit fur. Also many coloured furs are made out of rabbit.

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Fur vest in colour grey

Grey is a beautiful color, if natural it’s astonishing. I don’t own many grey items in my wardrobe. I have a skirt, jacket and pants but not furs. Now that I think of it I don’t own any grey furs. In mink fur the colour grey is marvellous. The colour grey on mink fur would be typical: ASK VLADI.

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Fur vests in online shops

If you type ‘fur vests online shops’ on Google: YOU ARE SCREWED =) you’ll find many, but not many that are worth it nor many in real fur.

I’ll list for you online shops where you can find fur vests and another thing I will do is explain how to look for vests.

Online shop list:

  • Farfetch
  • MyTheresa
  • Matchesfashion
  • Stylebop
  • NetAPorter
  • Moda Operandi
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Bergdorf Goodman

When you enter an online shop you must look for the search bar, there you will write the keyword of what you are looking for. For example ‘fur vest’. Check what appears. If nothing comes up, or little. Type only ‘fur’, this way everything that contains fur will appear. I always do like this and I always find it. Anyways on my blog we already do a great selection of the best items that can be found.

Fur vests how to combine them

How to combine outfits with fur vest? This is a good question and one frequently asked by you guys and my followers. Many of you write from the store, while you are buying the fur, asking if the fur is worth it. Or after buying the fur, they send me a picture to ask me if I like it or not or how would I combine it. Others, and here I mean only women, send me pictures of how they combined outfits with fur vests, asking if it looks good. Hahahahaha! I love you all. Thank you very much for all these messages.

Here you’ll find a gallery of images where you can see how I, Lady Fur, combine the fur vests.

Below is a mood-board with celebrities and famous personalities wearing fur vests. You can copy their style and use it to get inspired.

celebrities fur vests

Fur vests in colour brown

Brown is a neutral colour. There are many kinds of browns in the fur industry. Mink, fox or marmot. Listing a few colours to give you an idea, also: ASK VLADI

Mink pastel, Mogano, Demibuff, Scianbrown



Here is a gallery of fur vests in colour brown

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Fur vests in black colour

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Fur vests how to wear them

How should fur vests be worn? Personally I always get inspired by the past. Many designers take inspiration from how people are dressed on the street, but nowadays with globalisation it’s strange to see somebody with a strong personality. I love to look at books from the past, look how people dressed in that period, even more in our sector, how much the fur models have evolved.

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Fur vest vintage

Vintage faux fur vests mood board made with images exclusively chosen from the Fur Library.

Where to buy vintage fur vest: Ebay.com, Depop.com,  Etsy.com (they all are optimal)

Fur vest mens

Who follows me knows that I love men and boys who wear fur. I imagine a beautiful guy with a shirt, even a casual one, with beautiful mink fur vest. Or maybe the same fur vest worn with a cashmere sweater.

Men who appreciate fur and that know how to wear it are out of this world. <3 I hope to find my Lord Fur soon.

Well, If you guys typed ‘fur vest mens’ you are in the right place!

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Outfits with fur vest from past runways 2014 up until today.

I know I have done a big job, mood-boards, product research and everything else. But another thing I would like to share are the best outfits with fur vest