But how many colors for Ermanno Scervino? I felt overwhelmed, transported, fascinated by the young, vital, relaxed woman I've seen on the runaway. The figure is sophisticated and unconventional at the same time. Ravished and amazed, I could not help to linger over the small details... The bright colors... Goose’s beak, purple, yellow, coral, fuchsia... Over both the shorts alternating with long low-waist skirts and the silk mini-dresses alternating with the fishnet mohair impalpable sweaters. Over those leather and suede modeled and turned into precious macramé lace... Over the tassels and fringes able to make the sleeveless tuxedo jackets with reverse unique. Over the handmade organza feathers enriching the collars of some articles of clothing... They are beautiful the wooden shaped-wedge sandals either with two-tone leather twines or wrapped in galuchat print leather.... So, let’s say.. Bohemian, yes, but with style!

Luca Imbimbo


Photos : J Lin Anhalt  wormeline.com