The Welovefur team is composed of people who are passionate and specialised in fashion, web marketing, photography, fur and communication.

Here below we list the services we offer to many fashion and fur brands:

  • look book
  • advertising campaign

Refreshing your image, especially fur brands, is fundamental if you want to attract a new target of potential buyers.

Lady Fur has developed a team of stylists, photographers and make-up artists.

She has ongoing contact with the best model agencies in Milano and Paris, she knows beautiful locations to be used as a set for a shooting.

Producing campaigns, inspirational images, look books for communication and sales purposes is for her a real passion. Her strength is the knowledge about furs and leather. She is able to enhance them without creating wrong combinations. She interprets the soul of the brand with her unique and distinctive style. The photographers that work for her are used to shoot furs, they photograph Lady Fur all year long.

Lady Fur ’s vision has no limit. She doesn’t only create a campaign or a look book but also she recreates the total image of the brand, offering the services listed here.

  •    creation of a new site or blog
  •    communication and positioning strategy

Her right hand is a real ‘guru’ of the web. He occupies himself of developing the sites, optimising and positioning them on the web.

With her right hand she has developed a system, which is unique in the world, that lets you grow on Instagram. She occupies herself of managing the Instagram accounts, the creation of photographs, a color story and a communication strategy that makes the Instagram account attractive, which leads to growth in followers. The wizard boy of the web and Instagram, is the responsible of more technical things, to make the account grow of followers.

  •    managing Instagram account
  •    look book for Instagram and management.

To request a look book, services related to Instagram, campaigns, consulting or any other services listed before you can contact Lady Fur. Her email manager will respond to you in 48hs.

Welovefur team