Is a fur coat a luxury item or it can be even a necessity ?

Today I am answering a really interesting question emailed from one of my visitors. Is fur coat a luxury item or it can be a necessary good?

The fur coat is both things.

The fur coat is a luxury pillar of Haute Couture and of Prêt-á-porter.

The International Trade of Fur is increasing year by year from 1989 and today has a value of 15 billion dollars in whole world but, in spite of this popularity and evidence there are a lot of people that don’t know this reality.

The fur coat is a necessary item when it becomes the only source of survival for in many countries in the world.

Did you know that there exist tiny communities like Kastoria in Greece that survive exclusively thanks the trade of skins fur employing about 80% of population?

And were you aware that there exist others in fur flung and remote places like Poland, Finland, Norway and for which the survival of the people is linked solely to this business?

Yes, animal furs are able to provide daily sustenance to several indigenous peoples and deprived of this type of activity could succumb to having no other viable sources of income.

Russia, Canada, Beijing, Alaska, Finland, and I could go on to list all the countries where the cold is very intense, especially the area of the north, where the inhabitants could never survive without fur.

Many of you don’t know that unlike other sectors in crisis, that the fur is in continuous development.

The figures confirm this: In Europe alone 80,000 units of specialized personnel are employed full-time, 40,000 part-time and over a million worldwide distributed in small and medium-sized companies.

If this field did not exist there would be many countries in deep crisis.

I hope that answers your question in detail.

Miao Miao

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