The titles that I read on fashion magazines sometimes make me cringe.

A few days ago I was on the train I was going to Milan . Opening Velvet, a famous Italian fashion magazine, I found two beautiful pages rich of fur coats with titles of this type : Eccentric , spectacular, explosive, fur the incarnation of the most garish excess, perfect to dare without half measures.!

EXCESS, DARE, INCARNATION …. are all too violent adjectives that in my opinion transmit a negative message.

I think that only people that know and use fur should write about it.

The women that wear fur for sure don't have this retrograde conception that dates to the dawn of the time.

Fur is heat, softness, sensuality, lightness ,protection, luxury …

And for you ? What does fur mean?

But what left me perplexed is not the title or the adjectives used but the fact the most of the journalists do not deal the argument .

This is the description in fashion magazines : Fur coat . stop Fur jacket . stop

Not that I want to speak ill of Velvet also because the article in question was only a summary of trends however I would wrote two explanatory sentences.

In the last years in the fur world a lot of things have happened to be clear : use of different skins, special processes ,lengths , colours… but no magazine including the most important ever spoke about it. Why? I think it was wrong because people would know what fur coat are made of and learn to recognize them.

Often in the shops I hear people asking the seller "Sorry? Could you explain to me what kind of fur it is?"

Perhaps it is a banal fox collar but unfortunately the lack of information prevents them from recognizing even the most well known ones.

The funny thing is that this happened in Italy really where we are famous for working leather and fur ...

Why we don't value what we do anymore?


Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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