Furs, jewelry, the largest mansion in America... but something went wrong

Once upon a time there were a king and a queen... They lived in their beautiful 2400sqm house in the exclusive Windermere neighborhood, near Orlando, Florida. The man, David, is the resorts emperor, the owner of the PH Westgate Tower, the tallest tower in Las Vegas with its beautifully lit 52 floors. The woman, Jackie, is his thirty-years-younger wife. A computer engineer, mother of eight children, super-spoilt... She loves clothes, the Versace’s ones, and furs! Spotted, lynx, foxes... An irresistible call! A modern Marie Antoinette, Jackie has a wish... To build the largest United States mansion by following the Palace of Versailles example... Three swimming pools, ten kitchens, one 500sqm bedroom... A dream! One day, however, the U.S. economic bubble explodes in their face and the magic could turn into a nightmare...

Presented at the Sundance Film Festival. Directed by the irreverent Lauren Greenfield, the winner of the Directing Award, The Queen of Versailles is the movie which tells the story of the Siegel family. The joys and the sorrows, the falling and the rising of one of the most powerful families in America. An odyssey. A
desecrating gaze towards the “new rich” ’s follies. The tale of the ambition of owning a peerless home...
The son of a grocer, grown up with few resources, David manages to build an empire thanks to his perseverance and dedication to work. A philanthropist and an election campaigns financial backer, he is the man who stays behind the Westgate Resorts: 28 properties in eleven countries, 11thousand villas shared by 500thousand clients.

Unfortunately, the 2008 financial crash doesn’t spare his activities and things start to
change ... The goal of building the new Versailles is finally set aside and the residence is sold for 75million dollars. Jackie is forced to lay off the staff... She does the shopping at Walmart but give up neither her fabulous fur nor her 15thousand dollars alligator boots. A portrait, the Ms. Greenfield’s one, of those luxury- world protagonists who are a little less luxury, with their children and their more human aspect in evidence...
The film, available since tomorrow in all the American cinemas (in Italy in September), has sparked off the anger of the breadwinner who has filed a lawsuit against both the director and the same Sundance Film Festival. He explained that the docu-movie has distorted the objective truth by turning it into a fiction. <<My company - he said in a recent interview - is thriving. They said we had 20 employees at home, but we have
never had more than four or five baby-sitter for eight children. I can’t take this!>>. Controversy aside,at the very end it’s Jackie who comes out in all her shameless splendor... Criticized, described as a “gold digger”, sometimes exaggerated... She went on, lay by with her husband, that she really loves, and, despite all predictions, came to the première of the movie... What was she wearing? An animalier mini-dress paired
with one of her long fur, of course... Unbelievable!


Although extreme, we love her eccentric look. And you?


Luca Imbimbo

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