During Alta Roma I spoke with Franca Sozzani the director of Vogue Italia.

I asked Franca Sozzani the reasons why Vogue Pelle / Vogue Leather  doesn't exist any more .For many years often I have asked my self why , why is Vogue Pelle closed ?

I mean … Fashion = leather and fur . Most  fashion designers ( almost all ) use fur and leather in their collections. And in particular in Italy where we are famous for our craftsmanship with fur and leather , FENDI, PRADA, GUCCI, etc ...are brands that made the history of leather and fur ...

Franca Sozzani is one of the most influencial  women in the world .

Vogue Italia is an Iconic Magazine and people and maisons are influenced by it.

Vogue Italia is a Fashion Bible.

Franca Sozzani exaplained to me that Vogue Pelle unfortunately didn't work very well, it had few customers for ads and the better solution was to close Vogue Pelle.

Fur and leather market need a  propositive message , right information and a good innovative strategy  because it is  one of the most powerful  economies in the world.

If the government doesn't help us and  If the media, tv, radio, magazine journals send negative  messages about this work maybe in the future there will not  be a new generation and always less jobs.... Italy will lose  this important value ….

Franca Sozzani can change this situation!

With Love

Samantha De Reviziis

Lady Fur