Ciao Fur Lovers!

So, did you like my New Fur Video?

This video is for all of you out there and especially for my grandmother who got me into loving fur.

I shared it just yesterday and I got 1000 views! 


Read the article and you'll find out how it all started ….

Enjoy =)


When I was little, my grandmother loved to take out the fur coats and jackets from her wardrobe and put them on the bed.  For fun, she would close the doors and spread them all around and we would lay in our underwear and swim around in them…

She adored explaining the differences between sable and mink, as well as many others ….

My Granny used to smoke a lot of cigarettes, always with a cigarette holder,  and every time that we were around fur she would put out the cigarette and tell me...

"Samantha when you grow up, stay away from people that smoke especially when you're wearing fur because it soaks deep into it.  Furs are like people …. You have to love and respect them.  Furs don’t like hot temperatures, they need love and they need cold.  When you're wearing fur you can feel its energy and warmth."

My Granny would quiz me,

"Samantha what kind of fur is this?", and already at 7 years old I could recognize all the different kinds of furs ….

Quite simply, this is HOW MY PASSION FOR FUR STARTED.

This video is for my Granny and my followers who believes in me and continuously follows me.  Thanks so much for your unconditional support!

Thanks to Carlo Ramello and Blink Mink, who both sponsored me.

Super thanks to Gabriele Olrdini for the production.

With Love, Lady Fur We Love Fur – fur coat blog

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