A fairytale at Château Monfort in Milan

Hi Fur Lovers,

At our arrival at Chateau Monfort a surreal and almost magic atmosphere surrounded us, able to arouse enchanted emotions as if we were in a medieval castle….but we are in the heart of a big city, which Milan is.

The rooms of this five star hotel are inspired by fairytales, nothing is left without being tendered to, everything is made with attention to the smallest details.

As you can see by the pictures we took in one of this wonderful room, no other descriptions or details are needed: images speak themselves.

It was an amazing experience, rich of emotions, in two words, simply unforgettable.

NO_NAME FUR_CHINCHILLA_blanketFUR_COAT_SMANTHA_DEREVIZIIS  hotelchateaumonfort_welovefur  lady_fur_samantha_dereviziis_fur_fox fur_coat_fox_samantha_dereviziis lady_fur_samantha samantha_dereviziis_pollini_shoes samantha-dereviziis_shoes  icebearg_fur_shoes samantha_de-reviziis_lady_fur    www.hotelchateaumonfort.com http-::www.hotelchateaumonfort.com milano http-::www.hotelchateaumonfort milano JPG samantha_dereviziis

Very soon, new images from the Chateau Monfort

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Pillow and Blanket in real fur chinchilla: Carlo Ramello
Purple silk dress: Borbonese
Fur in mink, orylag, and fox: Samantha De Reviziis
Shoes with fur: Pollini
Necklace: Noname


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